Family Reunions!

Barefoot Memories family reunion sessions have a very casual feel — mostly photojournalistic, candid, and "semi-posed" images, with some posed group images as well. 

Reunion pricing is straightforward. Each family is priced as a "Mini Platinum" session, so the price is $375 for each family group (mom, dad and their children).

Grandma and grandpa are included at no charge. 

If your group is a little more complicated, EMAIL ME, and we can figure out the perfect solution together. My sessions always include the full-resolution digital images, so you don't have to worry about buying anything more from me. 

We will take time to create all of the groupings you want, plus each family will have their own little family session so they can use those images for family photos in the home, cards, etc. 

I try to keep large family group sessions very "organic," and as free-flowing as possible.  To keep our time together feeling less like an assembly line, we will let the group dynamics guide how the day flows, keeping everyone having fun while I still organize the session to create all of the groupings you all want.  The phrase I use in my speeches at photography conventions is "contrived spontaneity."  We will have some of those "contrived" images, because we have to, of course.  But we will allow for a lot of fun spontaneity as well, with guidance and subtle posing so that the images are wonderful and not just chaotic.


What time of day should we meet?
I highly recommend a morning session for many reasons. Kids and parents are usually happier in the morning. Parking is easier. The beach is less crowded. The light is even and soft. And, you'll have the rest of your day free to enjoy.

How many images will we get?
Usually family reunion sessions result in over 100 images (sometimes more, sometimes less, but usually more), and all of the images are full-resolution. I never sit at my computer and think, "well, they've already gotten their 100 images, that's it for them!"  I leave out the images that you will not want (awkward faces or poses, etc) and keep all the rest!

How long will our session be?
This varies for each unique family. I won't cut off the session because we've hit some time limit. We will stay together as long as it takes to get every combination you want, but not so long that everyone gets bored and annoyed! Usually family reunion sessions are 60-90 minutes.

HERE is a page with my calendar, if you'd like to see if your dates are available.