Barefoot Memories offers full-resolution digital images to our clients for very important, well-considered reasons:

1.  We know you want them!  We realize that families want digital files for printing, social media, web use, emailing, screen-savers, slideshows, and more.

2.  There are very good sources of high-quality digital printing. I recommend uploading your images to and ordering prints at their affordable prices.  Mpix's print labs use Fuji pro printers and papers, and their machines are calibrated daily to national color standards. If you need prints more quickly, Costco's photo center is fabulous, too.  A word of caution:  Some local printers allow the worker-of-the-day to calibrate the colors and tweak settings as he/she sees fit, and you can end up horribly inconsistent print quality. Costco does NOT do this!

3.  Great images create great prints, not the other way around.  Barefoot Memories uses professional Canon cameras and lenses. Professional equipment, over fifteen years of experience, a fierce determination to create high-quality images, and a finely tuned eye for detail all combine to create high quality images.  Such images will result in high-quality prints when taken to a good printer. You will be able to create stunning professional prints with the images from your session, for a very affordable price.

San Diego Barefoot Memories is a mom-owned company started by me, Carey Schumacher. 

Years ago, I tried to find an outdoor portrait photographer to take pictures of my family on the beach during my grandmother's visit to San Diego. I was discouraged by the high prices for sitting fees and reprints, and I decided that if I ever were to start a photography business of my own, my pricing would be affordable and straightforward. The average family should be able to have gorgeous outdoor photos without breaking the bank.  I believed that when I started Barefoot Memories in 2002, and believe it today.