"As magnificent as the moment may be, it is gone in such a tiny slice of time that the only metaphor is a light going out. That fast. But if the flip of the switch is echoed by the snap of the camera shutter, a photographer can catch magic." 
~Sports Illustrated editor Terry McDonell

I've been catching magic for families since opening San Diego Barefoot Memories in 2002.

Families come to Barefoot Memories for something beyond the frozen smiles of formal (boring!) family portraits.  At the ocean's edge or at your favorite park, I capture not just the way you look, but the way your family interacts with each other, the sea, the sand and the sky. 

I have garnered multiple international awards as a professional photographer. I've had my images published in over a dozen newsstand magazines, taught photography workshops,  spoken across the country on the business of professional photography, and created images for ESPN, NCAA athletics,  Major League Soccer, and the David Beckham Academy. 

Barefoot Memories has been featured on KOGO, Fox, and NBC, and KUSI, but my favorite roles in life are "wife" and "mom". This commitment family is why my portraits resonate deeply with dads and moms. I believe I create images and memories of your family at this point in your life's story.  With my help, the memory of this time will remain vivid and heart-felt when you and your family view the photos weeks, months, and years later. 

I strive to create images for families that will completely bypass the eyes and go straight to the heart.

~Carey Schumacher, owner 


...one more note... 

"To whom much is given, much is expected." I truly feel that this endeavor has been blessed by God and that Barefoot Memories is an extraordinary and undeserved blessing from my Father in Heaven.  I strive to bless those around me by taking the gifts given to me and using them for His glory in whatever ways I can.