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Save BIG on Zenfolio : promo coupon code: barefoot-20

Zenfolio is a great way to display, share, and sell your photos.

You can also use Zenfolio to create your entire photography website, like I have here. 

If you want to fill your own orders with NO FEES or offer upscale items that aren’t available in consumer markets, you want the ZENFOLIO ADVANCED PLAN!

When you choose your plan, use zenfolio coupon code: barefoot-20

Zenfolio added this plan so all of you great pros can now sell professional prints through your galleries at prices you set. You can build packages, specials, and coupon codes that will send your sales numbers through the roof.  If you have clients outside of the USA or Canada, you can also set up pricing from their international photo print labs!   There are many more labs you can use, too. Check them all out here.

If you want a simple and effective way to present galleries and offer online print sales at a lower price, sign up for their PRO plan.

Don’t want to sell anything? Simply turn off print ordering for that gallery, and use Zenfolio to share an awesome gallery of images. (and their Facebook/pinterest/instagram integration: fab!)

Your digital images are safe and secure, too.  Right-click is disabled. You can set up your own watermarks, too. 

Selling digital images is easy, with different pricing for different image resolutions if that floats your boat. 

I’ve been through the entire online sales universe — inside & out. I founded and owned a software company that let photographers host their own online galleries on their own website, filling the orders themselves. I’ve used and tested more online sales systems than I can count.

This area of the photographic industry has skyrocketed in the last ten years, and I was smack dab in the middle of it. Because I know so much about online photo sales, as both a photographer and a supplier, I wouldn’t throw my support behind anyone but the best, and ZENFOLIO is the best. Low cost, EASY maintenance, BEAUTIFUL galleries, infinite flexibility, and simple for your clients to navigate. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.

Zenfolio coupon code: barefoot-20
Zenfolio promo code: barefoot-20
Zenfolio discount code: barefoot-20