What's a Barefoot Memories photo session like? Take a look and see...

A Barefoot Memories experience is quite different than a typical portrait session.  Rather than being told how to pose or where to stand, expect to be told to "Just go PLAY!  Enjoy each other!  Have FUN!"  

I will help you with minimal posing to create a flattering portrait and some direction to ensure variety in your portrait collection. I will, however, spend most of our time either quietly observing and capturing your family interactions or playfully engaging you and your children with antics, funny faces, and some good old fashioned FUN to capture smiles, laughter, and personality.  These unposed moments of family togetherness result in portraits that will melt your heart with their pure emotion and personality -- those images don't happen when you tell people to smile and "Say Cheese!"

Before your session, we will work together to pick the perfect location for your family portraits.  There are so many beautiful locations around SoCal, and we will choose a great one for your family. 

4-5 business days after your session, I will email  you the link to your private online gallery.  You can send that link to family and friends so they can see your images. The full-resolution images can be easily downloaded straight to your computer. I also include permission to reproduce your digital images for personal use, so you can take the images to your favorite printer to create beautiful prints that will fill your home with smiles.