Barefoot Memories | FAQ


"Do we have to go to a beach?"

No!  If you aren't a family full of beach-lovers, there are wonderful places in local parks where we can create your family's portraits.  For newborns, I recommend the park because the wind, sand, unpredictable conditions, and harsh direct light at the beach aren't newborn-friendly.  Another benefit of a park setting is that the session time can be during the mid-day hours, starting at 11 or noon instead of morning.  We can schedule your session around your children's "happy time" because the lush trees and shade of a park soften the harsh mid-day sunlight.


"Why do you recommend morning sessions?" 

Morning light is soft and beautiful!  The beaches and parks aren't crowded, and parking is easy.  Kids (and dads) are usually happier in the morning as well.  Plus, you'll have the rest of your day free to enjoy without worrying about a photoshoot later in the day. Most of the images here on the website are from morning sessions! (Except the obvious sunset ones, duh.)  Of course, if you'd prefer an afternoon session, that's great, too!


"Do you photograph weddings?"

No, however, I really enjoy creating beautiful portraits for couples.  There are excellent photographers in San Diego who provide phenomenal wedding-day photography full of emotion, love, and timelessness.  I have photographed weddings in the past, and even though the resulting photographs thrilled the couples, I feel that Barefoot Memories excels with families, children and couples in a more private setting, so I keeping my direct focus on private families & couples sessions.


"Do you travel outside of San Diego for Southern California photo sessions?"

In order to have the most time possible with my family, I do not schedule photo sessions that require a long drive.  Sessions can occur as far South as Coronado and as far North as Solana Beach.  I do travel to NYC once a year, as well to create gorgeous family portraits in The Big Apple. Email me if you'd like more information about an NYC session!

Will you take any posed pictures?

YES! (If you want them, of course.)  I usually start out every session with a few posed pictures with everyone smiling at the camera. This helps everyone feel a bit more comfortable about the whole "family photos" session.  If you want your gallery to be 100% candid images without any images of everyone sitting still and looking at the camera, just let me know, and that's what we'll do!