What is the Barefoot Memories Style?

What is the "Barefoot Memories" style?


Barefoot Memories Style: NATURAL

Of course, we can do posed photos. None of those poses, though, will be in a bathtub of milk, submerged in water, or in surreal wardrobe and makeup.

There are amazing photographers who start or follow trends in poses and themed shoots. That isn't Barefoot Memories. Trends are great. They stretch creativity and keep the art of photography ever-changing and unique.

I, however, prefer timeless images, poses, and themes. If you do too, then you're a great fit for a Barefoot Memories photo session. 

Honest Colors 

Barefoot Memories Style: HONEST COLORS

I prefer not to apply unnatural color treatments to my clients' images. Trends flow through the photography world every few months or years. Presets and filters are extremely popular for mobile edits on Pinterest and Instagram.

I love seeing clients find filters they adore and apply them to their Barefoot Memories images.  Barefoot Memories clients are more than welcome to edit their images and use filters to their hearts' content. My images are created to look natural with just a bit of enhancement.

The colors you see in your images will remind you exactly of the day we had so much fun creating them. Filters are presets will look fabulous when applied to your images -- if that's what you want to do! 

Sometimes, I will see an image for my clients, and the artist in me will know, without a doubt, that a particular color treatment will make an image soar. If that's the case, you may find me using one of the latest trends in presets in filters. This is the exception, not the norm.  

Perfectly Imperfect 

Barefoot Memories Style: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT

I use professional-level Canon gear and decades of experience to ensure that Barefoot Memories images are technically stellar -- sharp focus, creative compositions, and expert exposure.  Will every pose be absolutely perfect? Close to it! But what will shine through more than the pose is the fun you were having that day with your loved ones.

Professional models have a very impressive skill: They can be placed in a pose, have that pose nitpicked and tweaked by the millimeter, and that image will emerge looking completely happy, comfortable, and natural.

Barefoot Memories families are not professional models, and I won't treat you like you are. You won't be in front of my camera while I tell you to move your nose an inch that way. Or your chin an inch this way. I place my clients in flattering poses with gentle suggestions to keep the image complementary, casual, and natural. 

The poses may not be professionally perfect, but that's OK. Imperfection is beautiful because that means you were having fun instead of trying to look perfect. 

Barefoot Memories Style: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT Barefoot Memories Style: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT