After years of demand, it's here! 

Have Carey create amazing sports photography for your team.

High school, Jr High, Club, martial arts, any group you've got.  And just like Barefoot Memories, the pricing is AFFORDABLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD.

Carey will bring her camera and lighting equipment to your team's location (you just need to get permission) and create amazing images for each player. 

Each player will receive a huge 20in x 30in poster AND a 2-sided laminated roster lanyard for game days.  An online gallery will be available for parents to purchase full resolution digital images and additional prints at reasonable prices. 

MINIMUM GROUP: 15 players.
San Diego area only. Please inquire for travel outside SD.


15-30 people: $30 per person

31+ people: $25 per person

The posters are amazing keepsakes and perfect for game days -- especially senior day!

Senior Day!

Lanyards are worn proudly by parents in the stands, and the team roster on the reverse side is very handy.

Email ( or txt 619-370-8843 for more info or to schedule your team's session!


Does this replace my school's or club's picture day?  No. If your school or club provides a picture day, awesome! This is something extra you can arrange with your own team.

Will you add the name & number to the poster and lanyard?  You will decide as a team if you want names & numbers on the posters and lanyards. If you get me the team mascot's logo, I can add that as well.  If the team doesn't want names/numbers on the posters, no problem!

Will you take more than one photo per person?  YES! The standard "posed" image will be used for the poster & the lanyard. More "action" images will be created if you like, and those (awesome) images will be available in the online gallery.

Will you take group photos? YES! The lighting setup is very specialized and set up for individual images, but small groups (2-3 people) are possible. Those images will also be available in the online gallery. A team photo will be left to your club's or school's picture day. 

How much will it cost to purchase the digital images? Full resolution images with no watermark can be purchased for $25 each. 

Can I trade the poster for the digital image? Sorry, no. I want you to have that poster! (we all know you may not ever get around to printing it if you just got the digital image!)